Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Banking & Financial Acronyms

          AACS              As Applicable to Co-operative Societies
          ACF              Auto-Correlation Function
          AD              Authorized Dealer
          ADB              Asian Development Bank
          ADR              American Depository Receipt
          AEF              Aggregate External Finance
          AFS              Annual Financial Statement
          AFS              Available For Sale
          AGM              Annual General Meeting
          AIR              Assumed Interest Rate
          AIRCSC              All India Rural Credit Survey Committee
          ALM              Asset Liability Management
          AME              Annually Managed Expenditure
          AMR              Advanced Measurement Approach
          AO              Additive Outliers
          APR              Annual Percentage Rate
          AR              Auto Regression
          ARM              Adjustable Rate Mortgage
          ARS              Auction Rate Securities
          ARIMA              Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average
          ASSOCHAM              Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India
          ATM              Asynchronous Transfer Mode
          ATM              Automated Teller Machine
          BC              Business Correspondent
          BCA              Basic Credit Approval
          BCP              Business Continuity Plan
          BCBS              Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
          BF              Business Facilitator
          BG              Bank Guarantee
          BGB              Bank Guaranteed Bonds
          BHC              Bank Holding Company
          BIC              Bank Identifier Code
          BIS              Bank for International Settlements
          BLR              Base Lending Rate
          BOB              Bank of Baroda
          BOM              Bank of Maharashtra
          BOI              Bank of India
          BoP              Balance of Payments
          BPLR              Benchmark Prime Lending Rate
          BPM5              Balance of Payments Manual, 5th edition
          BPSD              Balance of Payments Division, DESACS, RBI
          BSA              Basic Savings Account
          BSE              Bombay Stock Exchange
          BSCS              Basel Committee on Banking Supervision
          BSR              Basic Statistical Returns
          BVI              Best Value Initiative
          CA              Capital Allowance
          CAD              Capital Account Deficit
          CAG              Controller and Auditor General of India
          CAS              Capital Adequacy Standard
          CASA              Current Account and Savings Account
          CBS              Core Banking Solution
          CBS              Consolidated Banking Statistics
          CC              Cash Credit
          CDs              Certificates of Deposit
          CDSs              Credit Default Swaps
          CDL              Credit Discretionary Limit
          CDR              Credit Deposit Ratio
          CDBS              Committee of Direction on Banking Statistics
          CDS              Central Depository System
          CF              Company Finance
          CFRA              Combined Finance and Revenue Accounts
          CGRA              Currency and Gold Revaluation Account
          CIF              Customer Information File
          CII              Confederation of Indian Industries
          CIPFA              Chartered Institute Of Public Finance And Accountancy
          CMO              Collateralized Mortgage Obligation
          CO              Capital Outlay
          CP              Commercial Paper
          CPI              Consumer Price Index
          CPI – IW              Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers
          CPSS              Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems
          CPR              Customer Profit Rate
          CRM              Credit Risk Management
          CRM              Customer Relationship Management
          CR              Capital Receipts
          CRR              Cash Reserve Ratio
          CRAR              Capital to Risk Weighted Asset Ratio
          CRISIL              Credit Rating and Information Services of India Limited
          CSCs              Common Service Centres
          CTCS              Cheque Truncation and Conversion System
          CTS              Cheque Truncation System
          CTR              Currency Transaction Report
          DBEP              Domestic Bills Exchange Purchase
          DBOD              Department of Banking Operations and Development
          DBS              Department of Banking Supervision, RBI
          DCA              Dollar Cost Averaging
          DCB              Demand Collection and Balance
          DC              Documentary Credit
          DCCBs              District Central Co-operative Banks
          DCM              Department of Currency Management, RBI
          DD              Demand Draft
          DDS              Data Dissemination Standards
          DEIO              Department of External Investments and Operations
          DESACS              Department of Statistical Analysis & Computer Services, RBI
          DEFRA              Department Of Environment, Food And Rural Affairs
          DEL              Departmental Expenditure Limit
          DFI              Development Finance Institution
          DGBA              Department of Government and Bank Accounts, RBI
          DGCI&S              Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics
          DI              Direct Investment
          DICGC              Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation of India
          DID              Discharge of Internal Debt
          DMA              Departmentalized Ministries Account
          DR              Disaster Recovery
          DRI              Differntial Rate of Interest Scheme
          DSBB              Dissemination Standards Bulletin Board
          DVP              Delivery versus Payment
          ECB              External Commercial Borrowing
          ECB              European Central Bank
          ECGC              Export Credit and Guarantee Corporation
          ECS              Electronic Clearing Scheme
          ECT              Electronic Cheque Terminal
          EDMU              External Debt Management Unit
          EDI              Electronic Data Interchange
          EEA              Exchange Equalization Account
          EEC              European Economic Community
          EEFC              Exchange Earners Foreign Currency
          EFR              Exchange Fluctuation Reserve
          EFT              Electronic Funds Transfer
          EFTPOS              Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale
          EMEs              Emerging Market Economies
          EPF              Employees Provident Fund
          EPS              Earnings Per Share
          ETF              Exchange Traded Funds
          EU              European Union
          EUR              Euro
          EXIM              Bank Export Import Bank of India
          FASB              Financial Accounting Standards Board
          FAST              Fully Automated System for Tendering
          FATF              Financial Action Task Force
          FCA              Foreign Currency Assets
          FCAs              Foreign Currency Accounts
          FCCB              Foreign Currency Convertible Bond
          FCNR(B)              Foreign Currency Non-resident (Banks)
          FCNRA              Foreign Currency Non-resident Account
          FCNRD              Foreign Currency Non-Repatriable Deposit
          FCs              Financial Conglomerates
          FCY              Foreign Currency
          FDD              Foreign Currency Demand Drafts
          FDI              Foreign Direct Investment
          FDIC              Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
          FEA              Facility Excess Application
          FEC              Forward Exchange Contract
          FEDAI              Foreign Exchange Dealers’ Association of India
          FEMA              Foreign Exchange Management Act
          FICCI              Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry
          FIFO              First In, First Out
          FIIs              Foreign Institutional Investors
          FIMMDA              Fixed Income Money Market and Derivatives Association of India
          FISIM              Financial Intermediation Services Indirectly Measured
          FLAS              Foreign Liabilities and Assets Survey
          FOBC              Foreign Bills of Collection
          FOF              Flow Of Funds
          FOMC              Federal Open Market Committee
          FOREX              Foreign Exchange
          FPI              Foreign Portfolio Investment
          FRA              Forward Rate Agreement
          FRR              Facility Risk Rating
          FRB              Federal Reserve Board
          FRBM              Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act, 2003
          FRN              Floating Rate Note
          FSB              Financial Stability Board
          FSRs              Financial Stability Reports
          FSS              Farmers’ Service Societies
          FT              Funds Transfer
          FTP              Funds Transfer Pricing
          FWG              First Working Group on Money supply
          FX              Foreign Exchange
          GDP              Gross Domestic Product
          GDR              Global Depository Receipt
          GEP              General Expenditure Policy
          GES              General Expenditure Statistics
          GFD              Gross Fiscal Deficit
          GFS              Government Finance Statistics
          GHOS              Group of Central Bank Governors and Heads of Supervision
          GIA              General Investment Account
          GIC              General Insurance Corporation
          GLC              Government-Linked Company
          GLS              Generalized Least Squares
          GNIE              Government Not Included Elsewhere
          GoI              Government of India
          GP              General Provision
          GPD              Gross Primary Deficit
          G-Sec              Government Securities
          G-8              Group of Eight
          G-20              Group of Twenty
          GL              General Ledger
          GNP              Gross National Product
          GOB              General Obligation Bond
          GPC              Government Procurement Card
          GTA              Group Training Associates
          GUDD              Gold Up, Dollar Down
          HBCI              Home Banking Computer Interface
          HDFC              Housing Development Finance Corporation
          HFT              Held For Trading
          HICP              Harmonised Index of Consumer Prices
          HKEx              Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd.
          HO              Head Office
          HP              Hire Purchase
          HQ              Head Quarter
          HRA              Housing Revenue Account
          HUDCO              Housing & Urban Development Corporation
          IBA              Indian Banks’ Association
          IBRD              International Bank for Reconstruction and Development
          IBS              International Banking Statistics
          IBT              Interbank Transfer
          ICAR              Indian Council of Agricultural Research
          IC              Inward Bill Collection
          ICCS              Inward Cheque Clearing System
          ICICI              Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India
          ICMR              Indian Council of Medical Research
          ICT              Information and Communication Technology
          IDB              India Development Bonds
          IDB              Islamic Development Bank
          IDBI              Industrial Development Bank of India
          IDD              Industrial Development Department
          IDRBT              Institute for Development and Research in Banking Technology
          IFAD              International Fund for Agricultural Development
          IFC              International Finance Corporation
          IFC(W)              International Finance Corporation (Washington)
          IFCI              Industrial Finance Corporation of India
          IFR              Investment Fluctuation Reserve Account
          IFRSs              International Financial Reporting Standards
          IFS              International Financial Statistics
          IIBI              Industrial Investment Bank of India
          IIN              Issuer Identification Number
          IIS              Interest in suspense
          ILC              Inward Letter of Credit
          IIP              Index of Industrial Production
          IIP/InIP              International Investment Position
          IMD              India Millennium Deposits
          IMF              International Monetary Fund
          IN              India
          INR              Indian Rupee
          INFINET              Indian Financial Network
          IOTT              Input-Output Transaction Table
          IP              Interest Payment
          IRBI              Industrial Reconstruction Bank of India
          IRDA              Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority
          IRFs              Interest Rate Futures
          IRR              Internal Rate of Return
          IRS              Interest Rate Swap
          ISDA              International Swaps and Derivative Association
          ISIC              International Standard Industrial Classification
          ISO              International Standards Organization
          ITRS              International Transaction Reporting System
          IVR              Interactive Voice Response
          IWGEDS              International Working Group on External Debt Statistics
          JSE              Johannesburg Securities Exchange
          JTWROS              Joint Tenants With Rights Of Survivorship
          KACR              The Chamber of Auditors of the Czech Republic
          KGB              Knowledge Generation Bureau
          KLIBOR              Kuala Lumpur Interbank Offered Rates
          KNN              Kurdish News Network      
          KRI              Key Risk Indicator             
          KUW              Kuwait Stock Exchange
          KVIC              Khadi & Village Industries Corporation
          KYC              Know-your-customer
          LAF              Liquidity Adjustment Facility
          LAMPS              Large-sized Adivasi Multi-purpose Societies
          LAS              Loan & Advances by States
          LASFE              Local Authority Self Financed Expenditure
          LBD              Land Development Bank
          LBS              Locational Banking Statistics
          L/C              Letter of Credit
          LC              Leased Contract
          LCP              Local Cheque Purchase
          LCS              Loan Collection System
          LGA              Local Government Association
          LGD              Loss Given Default
          LGF              Local Government Finance
          LO              Letter of Offer
          LOI              Letter Of Intent
          LPSA              Local Public Service Agreement
          LS              Level Shift
          LSE              London Stock Exchange
          LSP              Local Strategic Partnership
          LT              Long Term
          LTO              Long Term Operation
          LTV              Loan to Value
          LOFSA              Labuan Offshore Financial Services Authority
          LOS              Loan Origination System
          M1              Narrow Money
          M3              Broad Money
          MA              Moving Average
          MAR              Market Access Reporting
          MAT              Minimum Alternate Tax
          MBOPD              Thousand Barrels of Oil Per Day             
          MCA              Ministry of Company Affairs
          MCS              Micro-Credit Scheme
          MCTF              Multi Currency Trade Financing
          MDR              Merchant Discount Rate
          MIA              Months in Arrears
          MFI              Money Flow Index
          MFIs              Micro-finance Institutions
          MIS              Management Information System
          MIP              Management Incentive Plan      
          MICEX              Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange
          MKD              Marketing Knowledge
          MKTD              Marketed By
          MKTG              Marketing
          MM              Money Market
          MoA              Memorandum of Association
          MoF              Ministry of Finance
          MoM              Month-over-Month
          MoU              Memorandum of Understanding
          MODVAT              Moderate Value Added Tax
          MRM              Monitoring and Review Mechanism
          MSE              Muscat Stock Exchange
          MSEs              Micro and Small Enterprises
          MSI              Multiple Streams Of Income
          MSMEs              Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
          MSS              Market Stabilisation Scheme
          MT              Mail Transfer
          MTN              Medium Term Notes
          MTR              Monthly Treasurer Report
          NABARD              National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
          NAC(LTO)              National Agricultural Credit (LongTerm Operatiion)
          NAIO              Non Administratively Independent Office
          NAO              National Audit Office
          NAS              National Account Statistics
          NASDAQ              National Association Of Securities Dealers Automated
          NASSCOM              National Association of Software and Services Companies
          NAV              Net Asset Value
          NBC              Non-Banking Companies
          NBFCs              Non-Banking Financial Companies
          NCDs              Non-Convertible Debentures
          NDTL              Net Demand and Time Liabilities
          NEC              Not Elsewhere Classified
          NEER              Nominal Effective Exchange Rate
          NEFT              National Electronic Funds Transfer
          NFA              Non-Foreign Exchange Assets
          NFD              Net Fiscal Deficit
          NGO              Non-Governmental Organization
          NHB              National Housing Bank
          NIC              National Industrial Classification
          NID              Negotiable Instruments of Deposit
          NIF              Note Issuance Facility
          NII              Net Interest Income
          NNML              Net Non-Monetary Liabilities
          NOP              Net Open Position
          NOD              Notice of Discipline      
          NOO              Note On Original      
          NOSO              No Obligation Special Offer      
          NPA              Non-Performing Assets
          NPCI              National Payments Corporation of India
          NPD              Net Primary Deficit
          NPRB              Net Primary Revenue Balance
          NPV              Net Present Value
          NR(E)RA              Non-Resident (External) Rupee Account
          NR(NR)              Non-Resident (Non-Repatriable) Rupee Account
          NRE              Non-Resident External
          NRG              Non-Resident Government
          NSC              National Savings Certificate      
          NSSF              National Small Savings Fund
          NTU              Not Taken Up      
          NUSS              Nuclear Safety Standards  
          OBS              Off Balance Sheet
          OC              Outsources Company     
          OCPA              Office Of The Commissioner For Public Appointments
          OCP              Outstation Cheque Purchase
          OCR              Official Cash Rate
          OD              Over Draft
          ODA              Official Development Assistance
          ODIN              Open Dealer Integrated (Trading) Network
          OECD              Organisation For Economic Co-operation And Development
          OECO              Organisaton for Economic Co-operation
          OER              Operating Expense Ratio
          OFIs              Other Financial Institutions
          OFX              Open Financial Exchange
          O&G              Ownership and Governance
          OL              Order Line
          OLEM              Operations Labor & Equipment Managment
          OLTAS              OnLine Tax Accounting System
          OMO              Open Market Operations
          OPM              Other People’s Money
          OSCB              Other Indian Scheduled Commercial Bank
          OTC              Over The Counter
          OTCEI              Over-The-Counter Exchange Of India
          OTE              Opportunity To Earn
          OTP              Offer To Purchase
          OTS              Office of Thrift Supervision